Board of Directors

Dr. Marie Owens | Founding Visionary, Board Member of Charleston Classical School

Marie is a professional biologist (microbiology and immunology) and has been active in classical Christian education for 20 years. She learned in the trenches by home educating her four children as well as teaching many other students through virtual courses. Her invaluable start-up experience includes as a founding visionary/owner of a virtual classical Christian academy (Wilson Hill Academy) where she developed the science department and AP curriculum.

Cindy Hoobler | Board Chairman

Cindy has been personally involved with classical Christian schools for over 25 years in three states including a start-up school in Florida and a virtual school headquartered in Pennsylvania. She appreciates all she learned while her daughters progressed through their classical Christian educations. Cindy brings deep experience in teaching, administration, teacher training, event planning, and curricular planning along with a passion for the classical model.

Kerri Boyer | Founding Board Secretary

Kerri is an attorney currently serving in the SC state consumer protection agency. She brings unique and varied experiences to the table including 10 years’ work in commercial litigation and as a missionary serving India for 16 years. Kerri is gifted with the desire to help those vulnerable and often overlooked as well as the vision, graciousness, and skill to see, offer, and implement solutions.

Ronald Steel | Senior Pastor at Eastbridge Presbyterian Church

Ron brings over 40 years of pastoral experience in four states along with the mature perspective of a husband, father, and grandfather. He was actively involved with starting a Christian middle and high school while serving a pastorate in MD. The foundation was solid as Chapelgate Christian Academy continues to thrive today.

Rick Owens | Managing Partner Live Oak Consultants LLC

Rick has a background in electrical engineering and is one of the founding principals in a private engineering consulting firm, Live Oak Consultants. As a husband and father, he values the outcomes of classical Christian education in his four children. As a businessman and a working engineer, he brings a wealth of knowledge about physical plant considerations and project management, as well as business financial wisdom.

Emily Plummer | Founding Board Member

Emily was instrumental in the launch of Charleston Classical School because she has been an educator for over 20 years and has taught in a wide variety of settings. Since she firmly believes that education has the power to change lives, she was eager to help found a school where quality classical Christian education will be available to children from diverse backgrounds. Emily brought extensive experience and gifts in teaching, curriculum development, fundraising, and big-picture vision for Charleston Classical School’s growth and development. She continues as an avid volunteer.

MaryLynn Ross | Founding Board Member

We are forever grateful to Mary Lynn for her counsel and service in launching Charleston Classical School. Our hearts were broken when she went home to the Lord on August 29, 2021. She was a 30-year veteran in classical Christian education teaching at Palmetto Christian Academy in SC and teaching/administration at Highlands Latin School in KY. She was also particularly able to assist with student admissions from her experience conducting placement testing for prospective students and interviews for their families.